Defence Mechanisms


Defence Mechanisms Essay, Research Paper

Sometimes in dealing with anxiety and conflict, a level of the brain also deals with memories. This level is called the unconscious level.

Behavior that involves self-deception is a mental defense called defence mechanisms. Some of these defences can be valuable devices. When someone replaces

a seemingly impossible goal with a possible one, compensation has beenn used. Redirecting aggresion from hostility to a drive to be sucessful is helpful. This defence

is sublimation. While fantasy is a form of escape, it is also a way to work out imaginary solutions to conflicts.

Some of these defences can be harmful to you as well as others. When a person lashes out at another person for no reason, it may be the results of something that happeneded

earlier that day. The person who was lashed out at is the victim of displaced agression. When these defence mechanisms are taken to extremes and used over a long period of time these defences

can be harmful.

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