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Debate of Gore/Bush: Tuesday October 17, 2000

Topics Discussed:



Gore believes that teachers should be able to have one on one sessions with their students and in order to do so he believes that classrooms should be smaller and more teachers should be hired. In order to hire more teachers he believes that teachers who teach a subject which was their own major should receive a bonus. He feels that education is important because the students of today build the economy of tomorrow.


Bush believes that education is our first priority in this country. He believes that education should be both flexible for the students and the educators. He believes that more money should go into school funding and teachers should have a pay increase. He feels as though literacy is a big problem among children and he moves toward a structure of education that ensures a child his ability to read.



Gore seems to be working towards helping the middle class population and hopes to pass a bill to give the middle class a tax cut.


Bush is for big business and free enterprise. He feels that the government should not regulate big businesses and that competition in the economy is a very good thing..



Gore states that he is not afraid to take on drug companies to give medicare benefits to the elderly and bring down prescription prices to fit the elderly needs. He believes that we should slowly move step by step towards universal health coverage. He wants to make the health care plan better for those who have one and provide a health care plan for those who do not. Within four years he wants to make health care available for every child. He spoke of tax credit for individual health plans and an encouragement to businesses to give health care twenty-five percent credit.


Bush is opposed to a national health care system. He stated that in the eight years that Clinton and Gore served nothing was done about medicare or social security. Bush also believes that Gore s plans for healthcare cannot be carried out with our country s budget and Bush believes Gore is a big spender. Bush stated how he provided health care for everyone in Texas and how a national health care plan would fail.

My Opinion:

I feel as though both candidates were pushing to get all of the issues in within this last debate and that made them not have much backup for all of their statements. I think this was just a playground argument between the two candidates. They both were trying to say they were the better candidate but they truly did not give us a reason why. Both candidates seemed to have some optimistic ideas for America but I just don t see how some of their bills and plans would ever work. Although the debate did not show a good turnout for me I still feel as though Gore has more intelligence on his behalf and has exactly what America needs to expand us technologically.

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