Days Work


Days Work Essay, Research Paper

I woke up on a day with , the sun ,and my dog laying with this feet

on my bed. I got up and got dressed and went down the steps.te some


Then I went outside and went on a bikeride. I went to my friends

house. She was up and happy. She had on a dress with flower on it.

We went to the garden and picked some roses. They smelled like roses.

. We gave him the roses. He said ?That is nif you girls .? I said, ?You

doto Mr.Turny sir.

We went to the park and had a time. We played on the slide,the fun

swings, the monkey bars,and the jungle gim.We met some new kids.

The little boy is so . We went to there house.We played video games

on Nintindo 64. We played house. I was the mommy. It was . We had

a time. Then I went home. I asked my dad ?Can Cristal and I got to the

pool with a slide because the slide is , and the diving board is too. He

said ?Yes, but you have to earn the money back.?I said ?ok?. He gave

us $10 each and we had a $20 all together. We had a time. I went

home and watched TV. My TV show is WWF wresling.

Then I went to the fun computer. I check me email.i got nothing but

thats ok so I went to WWW.BINGO.COM. I played bingo. I won

1,000,000 $ then my mommy came home and we ate some dinner. I

wached rugrats . Then it was about time for my bed so I brushed my

teeth clean put on my cute p.j.?s, and combed my hair and went to bed

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