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—————-Professor ———-English 1101, Section 519 June 2000Day In The Life Of ————- The best part of Jaret s week is the end , like Friday, Saturday ,andSunday. Since I m not going to tell you about them, I will tell you about thethings Jaret does on Monday, the worst day of the week. The day starts in themorning with school and work, and a very late night. The night happens to bethe only good thing about the day. I will tell you the ups and downs of this verylong day, as you follow me through the day of Jaret ———-. The day starts off as most do, Jaret s morning is the worst part of the dayas he wakes up to a very loud alarm clock. Hitting the alarm clock then shoving itacross the room usually stops it from ringing. First let me tell you were Jaret lives, he lives in a small town of —-, Alabama where he attends Troy state Univ. Hehas a pretty nice apartment that he shares with his roommate Ryan. Ryan usuallyhas to get Jaret up in the morning because he doesn t get up very well. The mostimportant part of the morning is; of course, the shower. Without a shower yourday could be lost and you will never do anything with it. Making it through school is no small feat, though. Doing all you can is theonly thing you can do in school. He attends class from ten o clock to threeo clock, Monday through Thursday. The works is not the problem, but its finding

the will power not to sleep all day from being so tired. He works at a businesslocated in Troy, also. The business is called —————- were he edits film andmakes the commercials that boss advertises on TV . He only gets to work about15 hours a week because he is in school all day, so that doesn t leave a lot of timefor himself to have fun. The kind of fun that a person his age should have. Sex,drinking, and getting into trouble is what teenagers use to do, just like what Jaretdoes. Getting to class is difficult ,sometimes, because the class he takes in————– is at night and so far away. He drives from —- to ————— thenback at 9:15. That doesn t leave a whole lot of time for him . When he gets backto his house he does what most people would do, like calling his friends to comeover. As soon as he gets through making the phone calls he takes a shower andgets ready to go for it again. Partying is what Jaret does to relax . He relaxes alittle bit before he gets started on his homework at one or two in the morning. Sometimes people will stay up with him so the do not have to drink and drive. On any given day this stuff may or may not happen but on Monday its asure thing. The key day is the one I have just described to you. To most peoplethey might like Monday but to Jaret it is the worst day of the week. He dreads itso much that he has a hard time going to class on Tuesday because he isrecovering from all the stress life generates.

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