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April 9, 2000

I heard on the news the other day that something like 9 students were suspended from a college for all handing in the same paper. Look for a new feature in the coming weeks that will allow students to let other students know what school, teacher, and year they used the paper. Email me if you have any thoughts or suggestions about this.

February 6, 2000

I redid the design of the page this weekend, please let me know what you think. Also, if you find any pages that don’t display or have some messed up tables, please let me know, I’m hoping I got them all :)

January 2, 2000

We now search over 25,000 essays with the addition of! I have also started a new Top 50 essay sites. I know there are already too many, but the top 50 site has not updated in several months, and I feel that a working, quality top 50 site is needed. So, if you are a webmaster, sign up!

December 14, 1999

Well, sorry about all the weird down time of the metasearch, but its back and fully functional and faster and bigger. I think I counted over 17,000 essays that it seaches… NO LIE! We’ve also added a search for our local essays. Thats all for now, webmasters, sign up for my new Top 50 site and enter the Top 50 contest to win a month of your banner in my rotation (click the Top 50 Sites link for details). Other than that, keep uploading essays, and add links to the Research Link Database.

December 3, 1999

I’ve added a new feature, which I hope will take off. Its called “The Research Link Database”. It purpose is to help users find information on the internet that relates to their topic. It is driven by it’s users, so if you have URLs to page about a paper topic, please add those links to the database! If you don’t, just head over to check it out. Reminder: this is still very new, and doesn’t have much information in it yet, I will be adding info over the next couple days, and I hope some of you will too. Check it out here

October 27, 1999

WOOHOO! Over 100,000 pages served! Keep em coming guys and gals! On a more serious note, I’m thinking of adding some more features for teachers. Right now I’m thinking of a place where teachers can post their homework that is due. If you want to comment on this or have any other ideas let me know!

October 11, 1999

I added 3 new sections to essaycrawler. They are 3 message boards, one for general chat, one for teachers to converse in, and one for student’s request of information on subjects. Check them out!

October 11, 1999

Welp, I’ve been very busy with many different things. I finally got around to working on adding local essays to the site. Its almost done, all I really need to do is add a way for people to send in essays. The archive is kinda small right now, but check it out. I’ll add a search for it soon.

September 16, 1999

Well, its been a while, and a lot has changed. We are now on a dedicated server. That means the site responds and searches faster! We have also registered our domain!! If you link to us please update your links, the old URL works… for now :)

July 26, 1999

I converted the new search engine to work on MSIE, so the site is really coming together now. I also added a new page, called “Teachers” to the left. This is a place for teachers to leave their name to let students know they are watching… check it out (of course, its empty right now). Email me with comments or anything else. –SkyHigH

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