Data Element Dictionary For Gl Transactions


Data Element Dictionary For Gl Transactions Essay, Research Paper

Data Element Dictionary for GL TransactionsField Type Length Descriptionaccount_no char 8 account numberacct_bal numeric 12.2 account balanceacct_desc char 20 account descriptionacct_no char 8 ledger account numberacct_type char 2 account typeaddress_1 char 30 address #1address_2 char 30 address #2address_3 char 30 address #3address_4 char 30 address #4apr_cost numeric 10.2 apr product costapr_qty numeric 10.2 apr quantity soldapr_sales numeric 10.2 apr product revenueaug_cost numeric 10.2 aug product costaug_qty numeric 10.2 aug quantity soldaug_sales numeric 10.2 aug product revenuecode char 1 credit_amt numeric 10.2 credit amountcurrent numeric 10.2 total amount oweddec_cost numeric 10.2 dec product costField Type Length Descriptiondec_qty numeric 10.2 dec quantity solddec_sales numeric 10.2 dec product revenuedepst_prtd logical 1 money deposit printed flagdisc_pcent char 2 discount percentdiscount char 2 discount percentdon_prev numeric 10.2 donations $ previous yeardonation numeric 10.2 donation amountdue_60 numeric 10.2 amount due 30-59 daysdue_90 numeric 10.2 amount due 60-89 daysext_price numeric 7.2 extended pricefeb_cost numeric 10.2 feb product costfeb_qty numeric 10.2 feb quantity soldfeb_sales numeric 10.2 feb product revenuefile_ref char 12 file referencefrt_entered logical 1 freight entered flaginv_printd logical 1 invoice printed flaginvoice_no char 6 invoice numberjan_cost numeric 10.2 jan product costjan_qty numeric 10.2 jan quantity soldjan_sales numeric 10.2 jan product revenuejrnl_amt Numeric 10.2 entry amountjrnl_date Date 8 date of journaljrnl_name Char 6 journal nameField Type Length Descriptionjul_cost numeric 10.2 jul product costjul_qty numeric 10.2 jul quantity soldjul_sales numeric 10.2 jul product revenuejun_cost numeric 10.2 jun product costjun_qty numeric 10.2 jun quantity soldjun_sales numeric 10.2 jun product revenuelabels_no numeric 2 number of shipping labels to printlast_date date 8 last order dateledger_rpt char 1 ledger report flagmail_labls logical 1 mailing labels printed flagmar_cost numeric 10.2 mar product costmar_qty numeric 10.2 mar quantity sold

mar_sales numeric 10.2 mar product revenuemay_cost numeric 10.2 may product costmay_qty numeric 10.2 may quantity soldmay_sales numeric 10.2 may product revenuemessage_1 char 40 invoice message line #1message_2 char 40 invoice message line #2message_3 char 40 invoice message line #3mtd_cost numeric 10.2 month-to-date costmtd_qty numeric 10.2 month-to-date quantity soldmtd_revenu numeric 10.2 month-to-date revenueField Type Length Descriptionname char 30 namenew_bal numeric 12.2 account balance–newnov_cost numeric 10.2 nov product costnov_qty numeric 10.2 nov quantity soldnov_sales numeric 10.2 nov product revenueoct_cost numeric 10.2 oct product costoct_qty numeric 10.2 oct quantity soldoct_sales numeric 10.2 oct product revenueon_hand numeric 6.2 quantity on handordr_reprt logical 1 order report printed flagover_90 numeric 10.2 amount due >= 90 dayspackng_slp logical 1 packing slip printed flagpatron_id char 7 customer idpatron_typ char 1 customer typepost_ready logical 1 ready to post flagprice numeric 6.2 unit priceprod_disc char 2 product discountprod_name char 24 product nameproduct_no char 4 iproduct numberpurchase_o char 2 purchase order numberqty_order numeric 4 quantity orderedqty_ship numeric 4 quantity shippedField Type Length Descriptionreceipt_no char 6 receipt numberrecpt_prtd logical 1 money receipt printed flagsale_amt numeric 10.2 sale amountsale_type numeric 2 sale typesales numeric 10.2 sales $ previous yearsales_jrnl logical 1 sales journal printed flagsep_cost numeric 10.2 sep product costsep_qty numeric 10.2 sep quantity soldsep_sales numeric 10.2 sep product revenueship_addr1 char 30 ship-to address #1ship_addr2 char 30 ship-to address #2ship_addr3 char 30 ship-to address #3ship_addr4 char 30 ship-to address #4ship_name char 30 ship-to nameshipping numeric 10.2 shippingstatus numeric 1 order statussum_level char 1 report column levelsum_level char 1 report column levelt_date date 8 transaction datet_type numeric 3 transaction typetax numeric 10.2 taxtotal_disc numeric 10.2 total discountunit_cost numeric 6.2 unit costField Type Length Descriptionunit_price numeric 6.2 unit pricevalue char 12 counter current valueytd_cost numeric 10.2 year-to-date costytd_qty numeric 10.2 year-to-date quantity soldytd_revenu numeric 10.2 year-to-date revenue


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