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Outside of my grandmother?s house, there are these daffodils, fluttering and dancing with the breeze. Every spring break morning, sparkling waves of daffodils accompanies me with bliss and admiration. The milky way of daffodils changes throughout the year; however, it always blossoms at this time of the year. They portrayed to me as grown teens ready to enter reality with control of fear. They are no longer sprouts guided by hosts and forgiveness; they now confidently toss their heads in sprightly dances. Their pistols are making efforts to present warmth and wealth into the world with apt powers of their potential. I, like the daffodils is now at spring during my lifetime. I am ready to blossom, and act with earnest efforts to face the reality of my destiny.

However attractive or admiring the daffodils are, I have seen them after monstrous storms and unbearable winds. The despair of depression and the useless of their existence presented to me a feeling of deterioration and disappointment. But like all living factors, nothing ever completely dies out. As my grandmother would always say, ?Don?t worry, after it pushes through the bitter and smoky weather, daffodils will bloom again next spring.? I would always startle, and gazed at the once twinkling daffodils with sympathy; but thinking over grandma?s words, I have realized that mistake teaches, and that I could overcome all obstacles through diligence and persistence.

The scenes of daffodils have engraved mesmerizing ditches in my memory. There are always alterations in life. Except sometimes we lead our fate to ecstasy, but other times to dejection. In my case, I must fight through my storms with self-respect and self-independence- for they are the most valuable characteristics a woman; therefore, I must aggregate my strength and live with confidence and sanguine outlooks that will lead me to my destination of delight.

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