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KISS hits the road Saturday night in Phoenix to once again rock and roll all-night and party every day. But only for a little while longer. The group has announced that this outing is its farewell tour, one last chance to breathe fire, spit blood, put on the makeup, and stomp around in those gigantic boots before calling it a day. Yes, we’ve heard this before from these rockers, but Gene Simmons says that since KISS is unlike anybody else the group isn’t kidding.

There’s the tour, which features handpicked openers Ted Nugent and Skid Row (original choice Cheap Trick turned down the offer). Simmons says KISS will be on the road in North America into the summer before traveling to Australia and Japan. He promises that the final KISS gig will be an outdoor affair featuring a bill loaded with acts he says “you couldn’t imagine in your wildest dreams.”

After these legions leave the recording studios and put an end to the awesome stage show that is KISS they plan to start ?new? lives. Paul Stanley, after his stint in The Phantom of the Opera in Toronto, wants to do more stage work. Paul Stanley, after his stint in The Phantom of the Opera in Toronto, wants to do more stage work.

The other band members haven?t decided what they want to do in this retirement maybe they plan to just sit back and enjoy it. Who knows? It?s KISS!

Colombo Death Toll 28 After Rebel Suicides

Four Tamil Tiger rebels besieged by troops blew themselves up on Saturday after their botched attempt to ambush a motorcade left 23 people dead, police and military officials said.

Officials said in a statement the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) rebels, armed with grenade launchers, had been surrounded by hundreds of Sri Lankan soldiers and police after they hid in a flat about a mile from where a bomb exploded during the Friday evening rush hour.

The four blew themselves up as commandos raided the apartment and a fifth guerrilla was killed by security forces during the raid, bringing the death toll from two days of political violence to at least 28. The explosion and gun battles on Friday killed 23 people, including six policemen, three Tamil Tiger rebels and 14 civilians, officials said.

Apparently the rebels were targeting a motorcade of government officials. This is just a current example of what?s wrong with this world. All these bombings and terrorist acts should stop and every one just get along but that is probably impossible. Well we can always dream. Right?

‘Sporty Spice’ Hints at Girl Band Split

“Sporty Spice” Mel C Sunday hinted that the Spice Girls, a multimillion-selling worldwide pop sensation, may go their separate ways in the future. Speaking on Sky television, Melanie Chisholm — the oldest band member who is often described as “the one who can sing” — said she was enjoying branching out on her own solo career.

The 26-year-old said the Britian Award presented to the Spice Girls last week for their outstanding achievement in the pop industry was well deserved. “It (our contribution) should be recognized because we were a phenomenal success,” she said. And asked why she should had used the past tense to describe the band’s success, Sporty quickly added: “Well we were, and we will be with the next album.” Responding to suggestions that the Spice Girls may follow groups like the Beatles who moved on after their band’s global success and went separate ways, Sporty left the issue hanging. “Who knows? I just know at the moment that we’re very happy as a band and very happy continuing with our solo ventures.” The Sunday People tabloid newspaper said last month that Mel C had “had a furious bust-up” with “Scary Spice” Mel G ”that could threaten the future” of the band. This is a good day in the music world.

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