Crisis Intervention


Crisis Intervention Essay, Research Paper

Dan Sutilla

Tuesday Night Class

Crisis Intervention

Reaction Paper #1

This is an account of my own personal crisis of a mid life career change. A

change from a sales position selling electronic components, to a career in law


The developmental crisis started two years ago. The company that I was with

started to make drastic changes from within. My position was not secure. I was also at

the top of the advancement ladder and could go no where but out.

About the same time, a close friend was hired by the Franklin Police Force. This

is when I felt I was in a transcrisis state. I went on a hunting trip with some of the

Franklin officers, my friend included. During this trip I realized law enforcement was

something I wanted to do all my life, and should have done when I was much younger.

After multiple conversations during the trip, the Franklin officers gave me the

encouragement and direction that I was looking for. It was clear that I needed to make a


Did I just want to sit around and feel like I was just living day to day and feeling

sorry for myself because of something I should have done a long time ago? Did I want to

keep taking my job frustrations home and dumping them on my family?. No, I knew I

wanted a career that I would enjoy. One that would improve the quality of my life, and

my family?s. A choice that would not only help others but also be rewarding for myself.

I?ve enrolled in classes and will be doing an internship with the Franklin Police

Department. Joining the Franklin Police Auxiliary while earning my degree is my goal.

I feel I have, in this paper, touched on one of many basic day to day personal

crisis?s. For myself, I feel lucky to have supportive friends and family who have made it

easy for me to turn my crisis into an opportunity.

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