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Criminal Justice Essay, Research Paper

Jason C. Clifton Clifton 1

Criminology CRJ 470

Nevelle Jones

Assignment 20

July 17, 2000

High Tech Offenders

What different kinds of high-tech offenders can you

imagine? What is the best way to deal with each such

offender? Give reasons for your answers.

High-tech crimes hold the potential to vastly change

our understanding of crime. Illegal wire transfers of huge

asset stores, nuclear subterfuge, and computer crimes are

emerging as novel forms of criminal enterprise. There is

no way to determine what type of crimes will come in the

future. That is why the police need to be on the cutting

edge of crime. When the police are not, they pave the way

for criminals to walk all over them and their citizens.

Efforts to control high-tech crime have opened a

“Pandora’s Box” of issues. The issues relating to criminal

investigations and prosecution are hindered by free speech

and it guarantees of technological privacy.

The only way to deal with crime is case by case.

There is no all-magical way to group all crime into one

sentence. Since new crimes are occurring everyday, there

is no way to determine the right to handle each offender.

Clifton 2

However, there should be strict violations for computer

crimes. Computer crimes seem to be the wave of the future

and that is one of those things that if something is not

done about it, it will just keep getting bigger and bigger.

In conclusion, there is no one-way approach to

fighting crime. If there was it would be one of swift and

stiff punishment for offenders. The laws about violations

with the computer should be written or revised to encompass

the new crimes and there should be a back door that allows

lawmakers to include new offenses when they come around.

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