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Should teens have a credit card? Some people feel that it is a good thing

for a teen to have. Others see it as a bad thing.

I feel that it is a good thing to have if you are teen. There are a couple of reasons for this. For instance, if you need some extra cash because you have run out of money when you were at the gas station a credit card would be helpful. You could take it inside and pay the bill with the card. Now what could you do if you had no card and were in the same situation? You probably would call home and have your parent bring you some money. Either of these choices could be more convenient for you, but I have a feeling that both the child and parent will like the credit card better. This is a good example why some people feel that you should have a credit card.

Another reason teenagers should have a credit card is because it will teach them to be responsible with money. This can happen with a card that has limits on it. If the money is spent fast, the parent shouldn t give the teen anymore credit on the card. Families could see this as a positive.

I also feel that a card is a lot safer to carry around than cash. If you have a credit card and loose it, you can cancel the card. But if cash is lost and someone gets it, there is no way to cancel the cash. The card is good if the parent always keeps their credit up and doesn t let the teen go over the limit. It will help the teen s credit and as they apply for loans and such later on in life. It will also help them get a higher credit limit than what most teens would begin.

Teens with credit cards would make everything much simpler, than having teens carry cash everywhere they go. All teens also need to learn to balance their budget over a month s time. The credit cards will also come in handy when you have an emergency. It seems that a credit card with a set limit by the parent is the way to go.

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