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1984 Essay

Creation of reality takes place everywhere in society, both today, and in 1984. Reality can easily be created. Reality is usually created to sway or alter the public opinion. The creation or alteration of reality can have both positive and negative effects.

The creation of reality in 1984 is so flagrantly done. The party uses it’s power to fabricate any reality that it thinks is the best for the party. The best example of this, is the constant alteration of the news. That is permanent destruction of any records of history. The doctoring of the statistics, that affect the people of Oceania is also very misleading. An example of this is the chocolate ration. The chocolate ration was raised to twenty five grams per week, from twenty grams per week, while the original chocolate ration was originally thirty grams per week. The people actually think that this so called raise in the ration is a good thing. The party has created many rules and laws, that dictate what is right and wrong. Most of these lays make it illegal to question the authority of the party, or its actions. One of the good things that come from the creation of reality, in 1984 is that there is no bad news, and that makes the general population happier.

Reality is also created in today’s society. It is done in a more indirect and subtle way. The media in the world today, uses its power to present its opinion, or view the way it wants. People will believe that what the media tells them is the truth, because the media is always thought of as an unbiased source for information. This is not always the case. The news is written by people, and people will always have their own opinion on an issue. The person who writes an article will only write what they think is right, leaving out the other side of the story. Reality has just been created. The reader of the article will only read one side of the issue, and will think that that is the whole story. The media has a very influential effect on people. Because people think that what they read in a newspaper, hear on the radio, or see on television is the unconditional truth, they fall right into the hands of the media. A modern version of doublespeak, or doublethink is used in the media everyday. The media can use different words to mean something bad, and have it seem almost like a good thing (eg. surgical strike, or ethnic cleansing.)

There are both positive and negative effects of created reality. In 1984 the altering of the news makes the citizens of Oceania feel like that there is no bad news. This makes the people happier, and happy think that the government is doing a good job. The creation of a war, or an enemy will unite people against the common enemy, and the general public will be even happier.

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