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As a product of his own society, Stupi was raised to his horrible fate at Georgia. He one day snapped and went on a killing spree of all the non-management majors for he felt that they were smarter than he. Because of his inferior intellect he always felt below the engineers and this inferiority was the case of his psychological breakdown.

He grew up in the “rich” part of town so his parents had to send him to the best private school around. The only trouble was that he did not have the mind capacity that he needed to succeed at that school. He was always one level below everyone else. This always messed with his mind because his name was always on the bottom of the list and everyone teased him about this. Stupi never fit in with anybody. He parents kept pushing him and pushing him to succeed and he was always letting them down and this scarred his mind. Stupi just was not cut out for the work that the top private school in the state offered.

Stupi’s parents still thought that he should go to a good school and learn with the rest of the smart people. Well his parents chose Georgia, even though he wanted to go to UCF with the rest of his friends. While he visited he found some friends who he would hang out with. He didn’t even think it was that bad until he started to see how smart a lot of the people were. Stupi had to drop out of his industrial engineering major because it was too hard for him. When his friends were making good grades, he was always at the bottom just trying to look to the light for some help. It was never there. His friends started to realize his inferior intellect and casually stopped seeing him.

At this point Stupi realized that he just couldn’t take it anymore. He went to someone’s room and grabbed his club and went on a mass-murdering spree of all those who were smarter than he. He would pound people until they were dead and then move on to the next one in a massive fit of rage. He even attacked a few teachers.

I used to know him personally but I let him be when I found out he just didn’t fit in with my friends and me. He wasn’t a bad guy I just thought that he wouldn’t know what we were talking about when we discussed problems of schoolwork. Come to think of it, if he had just one friend I wonder how he might ha…………..

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