Courtroom Essay, Research Paper

Courtroom Assignment

Judge:Andrew Hairston

Case:No Proof of Insurance

Location: City Court Of Atlanta

Date:11th July 2000

I went to the City Court of Atlanta with my friend who had got stopped two weeks ago for not having her insurance card present in the car. She had to go to court to show proof that she had insurance and that it was active at the time she got pulled over. We were supposed to be there by 8:30 am on July 7th 2000. We got there at time and had to wait for an hour before we found out what courtroom the case was going to be held at. As we were in the courtroom I got a chance to witness some other cases which were going on. When her case was called they asked her what she pleads and she pleaded not guilty and then the judge asked her to show her insurance card and why she didn?t have it on her. He also said that in the state of georgia you must have the card in the car at all times. He saw that she had insurance on the day she was stopped and was let go.

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