Counter Cultures


Counter Cultures Essay, Research Paper

Counter Cultures

May 4th, 1970 Kent State University; a mass group of student were

protesting the Vietnam War when shots broke out and four protesters were

killed by guards. These killings swayed the media and all people who knew of

this incident to want stop the war. This is one of the common effects

counter cultures during the Vietnam War and 60’s had on the viewers and

listeners at home; they had the power to make people rethink there

thoughts on large topics such as the Vietnam War and many over famous

incidents like the MyLai Massacre. In the following i will be talking about

other counter culture groups and there very similar effects on the nation

during the 1960’s and so on.

Students and young people were not just the only ones who wanted

peace during the war. There were many such as the vigorously known

Hippies; there logo of peace and love brought out many supporters to back

this popular group up. In Hippie gatherings there were many drugs, alcohol,

and other sensored things done I am unable to talk about. A very popular

gathering for Hippies and young people today and back in the 60’s was called

WOODSK, these gatherings were meant to be brought out as a festival

of peace and love. At these WOODSKS bands would perform and

crowds of thousands would listen. Due to there high popularity Hippies

attracted massive amounts of young people to join there ways. These

Hippies formed majority of a generation to believe in peace and love and by

doing this, this counter culture had a major affect on topics in the 60’s .

From my point of view Hippies and the your genneration had a very big

impacts on topics during the 1960’s but I am sure none of them surpass the

impact Civil Rights Groups had on similar controversial problems. Groups

such as SNCC, CORE, and many others tested there will and hearts to get

what they dreamed of and that was racial equality and freedom. I believe

these Civil Rights Groups had more of a bigger impact than other groups

because they changed life, there hearts and courage helped bring out

equality which has definitely changed life today. This famous counter

culture was very known during the 60’s and is still nationally and

internatinally known.

Counter cultures seemed true to what they believed in and the ways

they wanted. The way they made people think back then has made me think

also and that is differntly about them. I stand behind counter cultures

because the wants they wanted were not out of reach and they were

approachable. They wanted right things and that was peace for all and I do

think there is anything wrong with that. I feel they have changed life today

and with out some of there impacts back then life would not be the same as

it is today. An example of there heart and courage (Civil Rights Groups) and

very famous is the sit ins at restaurants. Civil rights members sat in


seats throught out the country to show that segregation and other

discrimintaions must be stopped. During these sit ins the members faced

torture; people against them threw things at them, poured stuff on them. This

commitment of this counterculture group shows what they are up for and that

was good and I am all for that.

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