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Robert Frederick Carr is a child rapist, who is actually serving time in prison in North Florida. In November 1972, he killed two 11 year old boys. The two boys caught his eye, he lured them into his car where he had food, petroleum jelly and a shovel in the trunk. His car did not have any door handles, so his victims could not escape. Carr looked like the guy next door, he did not have to grab his victims and hit them on the head to get them into his car, but once in his car, he had no mercy for them.

First, he raped one of the boys, then he strangled him and buried him in a shallow grave in Mississippi. After four days he strangled the other boy. For the terror this other boy likely felt, Carr was given 20 years extra.

Four years after the boys disappeared, Carr was caught while raping a hitchhiker at knife point. He later led detectives to two small shallow graves in rural Mississippi and Louisiana. He also assaulted a then 15 year old girl named Sari, raped her repeatedly over 36 hours before she was able to escape.

A judge originally sentenced Carr to life, which then included the possibility of parole. But he realized this man is so dangerous, that he decided to give him enough time, so that he’ll never get out of prison alive. He was given 15 years for making it impossible for the children to open the car doors, 50 years for each rape, and for each child’s death 100 years.

I’m glad to see that there is justice being done.


The Miami Herald, June 8, 2000

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