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Suddenly, Bob dashes out into the audience and jokingly asks one of the audience

members if she would like to catch a movie after the play. This type of theme

was typical at The Complete Works of William Shakespeare in Samuel Park in

Dallas. It was an entertaining comedy with many themes and many plays. The

comedy was well performed as well and was very entertaining. The actors did a

stupendous job of involving the audience and, at the same time, keeping a comic

attitude. The characterization was also very funny because they all called

themselves Bob; it got confusing for the audience at times. In the length of two

and a half-hours the actors did so much. First, they performed Romeo and Juliet.

One of the men played the part of Juliet so it was even funnier. They also acted

out Hamlet. In this play, they got members of the audience to do one scene and

they did it over and over until they got it right. Then they did MacBeth, Othelo,

and King Lear. The overall mood of the play was not serious at all. The

actor?s costumes cosisted of mock 16th century robes with Converse All-Stars.

That kind of went along with the tone of the play. The theater was outside and

the ground rose up as it went back. The stage was the lowest point in the

theater. The Complete Works is a very funny play and should be taken as a light

translation of Shakespeare?s works. The play was very entertaining and very

well done considering the task at hand: to perform all of Shakespeare?s tragedies.

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