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It has being a long time since I have not seeing you, and I?m exciting for you to

come and visit me, I can?t wait to see you again. I hope we will have a great time like

back when we were in college, and that is why I feel that I must write to you this letter

and explain about the place where we have decided to meet ( Starbucks, the coffee shop).

Starbucks is a very popular coffee shop, and one of the reasons why this coffee shop is so

popular, has to do with the kind of people that visits this coffee shop. To described in one

word the kind of people that this shop receives, I would just use ?Variarity?, because

when you go there, you never know what kind of people will be there. I don?t mean to

scare you in anyway, but to the contrary, I just want you to be alert, because while you

wait for me, you could meet some very interesting people.

The first thing will be to describe how this coffee shop looks like, and the type of

norms that rules in this kind of environment. The shop seems to be of a rectangular shape,

it has only two entrances, one in the front of it all the way to the right, and the other one is

situated at the left side of the store. From what I have seeing most people prefer the front

entrance. Once you are in, do not expect to be seated or be help by a waiter. What you

need to do is to go in line (usually there is a lot of people), and get the kind of bevarage

and food you like, and after that just wait for a few minutes until the people who work

there prepare your request. Then usually only two things happens, either you take a sit at

the coffe shop in one of the many little tables that this shops have, or you can just take off.

Well I hope this kind of help you so you know what to expect from this coffe house, and

have somewhat a good idea of how to act once you are there.

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