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This Essay will illustrate some of the basic aspects of scuba diving. It will show the steps involved in assembling the

scuba gear. The price range of scuba gear. The basic principles of diving, and were to go to get certified in scuba

diving. It will also reveal some fun things that can be done while diving . The assembly of the scuba gear is very simple.

First have your tank filled to the recommended amount of pressure (usually 3000 psi). Take the tank with the valve

handle to the right, and set it in front of you. Next take the Buoyancy Compensator (B.C.) and attach it to the tank by

putting the straps around the tank and tightening them. After the tank is secure, check to make sure that the O?ring on

the valve of the tank is in place and in good condition. loosen the first stage of the regulator and place it over the valve

of the tank. Then tighten the first stage securely, but not overly tight. Attach your octopus to the B.C. Then Pick up the

pressure gauge and point it away from the body, and others. Turn the handle on the tank, to supply the regulator and

gauges with air pressure. The gauges are pointed away from the body to avoid injury if the gauge were to malfunction.

Listen for any leaks, and read the gauge and make sure that it is some what close to the pressure that was put in to the

tank. Last you need to inflate the B.C.,and purge the regulator to make sure

that they work properly. The gear is now ready to be used. Scuba gear is very affordable. Scuba gear can be

purchased new for as little as $299. For $299 you can get a regulator, B.C., and a pressure gauge, this is the bare

minimum of what you need(Divers unlimited). Next up is $499, for this amount you get all above plus a depth gauge,

and for $589 you also get a octopus(Divers Unlimited). There are many other setups you can purchase for around the

same amount, and more. I found Divers unlimited to have the best over all prices. There are many places to get

certified in scuba diving, but there are also many things to consider. First, there is the price, usually from $150 for a

basic course up to $400 for a private course. The $150 course offered at B&B Aquatic Adventures, Inc. consists of

Three to 4 class sessions and two to 3 pool sessions. It also includes 4 ocean dives. The $400 course offered at Urge

2 Submerge can be completed in as little as four days, and is worked completely around your schedule. It consist of 9

hours of class room study and 9 hours of pool time. It also includes 4 ocean dives. With all of the courses the ocean

dives must be completed in pairs of two dives, on 2 separate days. The Scuba gear is suppled with all of the courses

with the exception of a mask, fins,

snorkel, weight belt, and weights. There are a variety of price between the above that offer various times and days to

meet your needs. The one major rule of diving is to always breath. This means never hold your breath. At different

depths in the water air is compressed in your lungs. This pressure can cause serious injury if it were to build up in the

lungs due to a sudden rise in depth. For every 33 feet in depth the air in your lungs decreases by half. Thus the air in

the lungs doubles for every 33 feet that one rises. So if you take a full breath and then rise up in the water with out

exhaling, the pressure increases and may explode the lungs. There are many fun things to do while scuba diving. My

favorite is to collect tropical fish for my fish tank. Tropical fish are very expensive, but not all that hard to catch. all you

need is a net , tickle stick, gloves, and bait bucket. The net should be make out of some kind of transparent plastic

with small enough holes so that the fish will not be able to escape. The bait bucket can be any ordinary bait bucket.

The only thing you need to do is cut off the sides so that it will no longer float. Another thing I like to do is catch

lobster. This can be done with the same equipment as used to catch tropical fish with the exception of needing a mesh

bag to hold the lobsters. These are two things that I enjoy to do

while diving. This Essay illustrated some of the basic aspects of scuba diving. It showed the steps involved in

assembling the scuba gear. It gave some of the basic principles of diving, and were to go to get certified in scuba

diving. It also illustrate some of the things that can be done while diving .

Work Cited Morehead, P. D. (1995). The New American Webster Handy College Dictionary(3rd. ed.). NY:

Penguin Books.


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