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Clive Staples Lewis was born in Belfast Ireland on November 29,1898. He wrote many books and won many awards in his lifetime. Many of his books are still read today.

Clive s parents are fathers Albert James, mother, Flora Augusta. His father was a working man but he losing his temper frequently. It made it hard for his father Albert to keep a well-paid job. Clives s mother Flora taught home school to Clive and his brother Warne.

Flora taught Clive in his younger years. She taught Clive and is brother up until she became diosmosed with cancer. Albert was growing apart form the two boys. Warne was sent off to boarding school in England. When Warne went off to boarding school in England Clive really didn t have any family but his father that he had grown apart from and his mother that was ill. It inspired him to write novels.

Clive attended Malven College from 1913-1914 and pretty soon after he attended Marlven College he won a scholarship of a University college. In 1922 Clive went to University College Oxford England. Which he met a young lady named, Joy Gresham Davidman. They got married at Clives mothers hospital when his mother was dieing. Joy and Clive was a wonderful couple but they never had any children.

Clive writes many interesting novels. I have read at least three parts of them and I read The Lion Which and The Wardrobe, The Silver Chair, and Until We Have Faces. They all are really interesting and neat books.

Clive writes fantasy books. Clive has won many awards like, Nauthander Prize in 1936, Gollance Memorial Prize for literature in 1937. Lewis Carrol Shelf award in 1962. Clive Staples Lewis is a very interesting and good writer. You should read one of his books!

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