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Clean, Clear, And Beautiful Skin Essay, Research Paper

One of the most popular trends of today is to have clean, clear, and beautiful skin. This

advertisement placed by SmithKline Beecham in the popular teen magazine,YM, rves to

help people have healthier skin. The ad appeals to the teenager who wants to have their

skin gently cleaned, pores that are deep cleaned, and most importantly prevention of


To emphasize the benefits of skin care products the headline states, ?3 steps to cleaner,

healthier skin? in big letters. This statement immediately grabs the attention of

the reader. ( It is very important to have a catchy phrase or bold statement going across

the top of the page, this will attract the reader.) Directly below the heading there are three

separate pictures of skin cleansing products. The first product is OXY facial cleansing

wash, below that is a jar of OXY deep pore cleansing pads, and the third product is a

tube of OXY deep action night formula. Next to the three products is a dark, blue

column explaining OXY products.

The first explanation is how OXY gently cleans the surface of your skin. It states, ? using

a gentle facial wash, lather in hands and massage lightly. Scrubbing pores can actually

make them worse.” The second explanation is how OXY uses salicylic acid to deep clean

pores. It states, ? After gently cleansing the surface of your skin, clean deep into pores

once a day with salicylic acid medicine?.” The third explanation is how OXY prevents

pimples with benzoyl peroxide. This states, ? After gently cleansing the surface of your

skin, eliminate acne bacteria deep in the pores once a day with 2.5% benzoyl

peroxide?.” . At the bottom of the column there is a paragraph that says, ? If you do

not see improvement after using this regimen correctly, then it is recommended that you

see a Dermatologist . ( A Dermatologist is a physician who specializes in skin health.) By

the advertiser putting that statement there, it makes the reader feel that OXY really trusts

their products, and that OXY really cares about their customers. The last eye-catching

statement the advertisement has is at the bottom of the page in big, black letters. The

statement says, ? Nothing looks better than skin with balance.” This really makes the

reader feel that OXY will make their skin well balanced and beautiful.

To emphasize the importance of deep cleaned pores the bottles of skin

cleansers are placed in a pool of sparkling water.( The purpose of the bottles being in

water is to make the reader feel like if they use this product their skin will sparkle like that

too). Behind the water is a slight color enhancement. The colors of purple, pink,

green, and yellow bring out a more appealing look to the reader. It catches the readers

eye and makes them want to read the advertisement.

There are a lot of different types of skin cleansing products out in the market. In order for

a company to stay competitive is very important they maintain their prices at a reasonable

price, they have reliable products, and that they have good advertisements.

Without good advertisements, the reader will continue on reading and not bother to look

at the advertisement. On the other hand, if the advertisement catches the reader’s eye,

it will make the reader consider looking at, reading it, and possibly buying. If a company

wants anything to sell productively, they must good advertisement skills.

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