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Often in politics the politicians appear as though they are out to help the public when in reality they are all two-faced. While appearing to be out for the common good they are really out to help themselves as much as possible. Often other politicians will try to undermine their competition by exposing their beliefs that may be questionable. Claudius was a politician that was very capable in his deceitful ways, could easily sway others to his way of seeing things, and could do anything to get where he wanted to get to.

Whenever someone tries to get someone to listen to them they will use any lie they can, Claudius was no acception. Whenever faced with a challenge Claudius was a quick thinker and easily convinced the people of Denmark that he was the rightful ruler and that Hamlet was next in line, even though Hamlet should have been king. The people also overlooked the face that Claudius committed an act of adultery by marrying Gertrude. During the ‘mouse trap’ play Claudius was upset that the play so resembled the way that King Hamlet was murdered that when he freaked out he convinced the people that he really was ill.

None was more amazing than the way Claudius convinced people to completely change their outlook. Claudius had Rosencrantz and Guildenstern so wrapped around his finger that they would do anything that they were told to do. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern were so sure that they would be rewarded by Claudius that they did not even realize that anything could happen to them. Claudius was so capable of changing people’s opinions that an uproar started by Laertes was easily and quickly quieted. The most amazing actor can do one thing and make it appear as though he is doing another.

Claudius had a way of making others feel that he cared for them while in reality he was only using them to do his deeds for him. Laertes only wanted revenge for the death of Polonius, his father and Ophelia, his sister. Claudius tricked Laertes into believing that Laertes would get revenge against Hamlet, when in reality Laertes would get Hamlet out of Claudius’s way. Claudius went through several plans to attempt to get rid of Hamlet but eventually decided to poison him. Even in the end Claudius tried to make it appear as though he was being victimized by Hamlet. In the end Claudius was destroyed by his own evil and poison.

All politicians have the ability to bending and warping the truth so that it will appear as though they are out for the common good. Whenever Claudius could lie his way out of a situation he would in an attempt to switch the blame. Some times Claudius would lie to convince others, such as Laertes, to do the dirty work for Claudius. Even if Claudius could get someone to do his dirty work for him he always seemed to be able to convince them that it was for that person’s better good. Claudius was a great political leader in the way that he could easily lie, cheat, and steel anything to get to the top.

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