Cinco De Mayo


Cinco De Mayo Essay, Research Paper

Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of independence for the Mexican people. Much like our Fourth of July. There quest for freedom began on September 16th, 1810. They fought for ten years before gaining their freedom.

In 1821 the first independent Mexican government was established. Mexico quickly became indebted because of political termorial, caused by many political groups trying to gain power. In 1862 England, Spain, and France sent fleets to Mexico searching for repayment of their loans. Mexico acknowledged their debt to these countries, and issued payment warrants. Only France did not accept the payment warrant and sent troops to invade.

The French sent more than six thousand troops to Mexico. Mexico?s President at the time was Bnito. On May 5th, 1862 the French army was defeated at forts of Loreto and Guadalupe.

The Mexican Flag is Red, White, and Green. Red symbolizes unity, White symbolizes the Catholic Church, and Green symbolizes independence.

On Cinco de Mayo Mexican people eat mole as they do on any important holiday. They celebrate much like we do on the Fourth of July.

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