Cigarettes And Alcohol Advertisements


Cigarettes And Alcohol Advertisements Essay, Research Paper

Nowadays, despite warnings about smoking and drinking we can easily

perceive advertisements about cigarettes and alcohol. Both of these

substances are harmful for human health and create tortuous effects, after

abusing them. All of us know that smoking results to addiction to nicotine,

ulterior lung cancer, and it is very hard to quit smoking. Cigarettes

comprise a step to drugs, according to researches. Moreover, alcohol

incurs alcoholism, an afflictive phenomena nowadays that smites a big

percentage of people, universally. Drinking is also a primary reason why

car-accidents happen. In addition, I think it is illegal to advertise and

present to the public substances that are hazardous for people; however

they introduce them as they are innocent+.

In my opinion, I agree with the view that advertisements should be

banned for the following reasons. Firstly, in most of the advertisements we

can see an attempt to pass a message to people; that cigarettes and alcohol

can give you an image, a cool+ style that everyone likes. For example

there is an advertisement of alcohol that shows, by drinking a specific

drink, women will like you more. Regardless of the pettiness they provide,

some of these stuff transmit into individuals minds and unconsciously

generate a desire for this drink. Secondly, a presentation of an

advertisement, wittingly or unwittingly, applies not only to adults but also

to young children, who are very susceptible and ductile. These children are

very young to decide if it is good or bad for them. Consequently, we have

many young children drinking and smoking from a very young age. Last,

but not least, I do not deny the rights of people to smoke and drink,

however non-smokers and non-drinkers have also rights; they are not

obliged to tolerate these advertisements, that do not concern them. So I

believe that we should consider these people too and their rights.

Hence, as a user of cigarettes and alcohol, I believe that advertisements

with these kind of subjects should be rejected; we should always concern

and respect others. We should try to fit in others shoes and see how these

stuff+ affects them, including young children.

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