Chills Essay, Research Paper

English 4CP

Period 4

February 23, 2000


The sound of screeching brakes brought a painful shock up and down my spine. My heart dropped to my toes. Wondering what had just happened, I walked to class with an eerie feeling around me. Kids fluttered around gossiping about what had just happened. The words? coming out of everyone?s mouths was that it involved a small car. This single moment changed everything about me.

My class I was in was real close to the street. I peeked my head around the corner and saw the word Taurus. It was on the back of a small gray car. My stomach felt like it got wrapped up like a bunch of rubber bands. The car was the same car I had just got dropped off by. It belonged to my mom. I new I had to maintain my composure but my legs were wobbly like an old chair. I did not know if I could keep myself up.

As I sat by myself, with my head between my legs, all my friends came running over to me. As they all gasped for air, I looked at them with droopy eyes. My friend Noah said that my mom was helping the person in the accident. She had jumped out of her car to help the person who had got hurt. A sigh of relief felt over me, but I still had my doubts. I kept asking them if they were sure. Then I realized that is was one of our teachers that was seriously injured. We all prayed for him and a few months later he was better.

From this I learned that it could all be gone in a blink of an eye. When you do not expect anything, the worse can happen. Always try to be happy and do not hold grudges. You just never know when that person may be gone. I like to make smart decisions in my life now, because that single moment changed my life.

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