Child Idenity Through Adolescents


Child Idenity Through Adolescents Essay, Research Paper

As a child grows into their adolescent years the role his or her peers play in their life

expands greatly. During the adolescent years children form an identity that is greatly

influenced by their peers; as they identify less with their parents. The ways in which an

adolescent identify better with his or her peers as opposed to their parents are evident in

the distinct areas of their communication and dependency for emotional support. These

areas greatly influence the answer to the question, “Who am I?” that is answered during


Teenagers report feeling closer to friends than with their parents during the years

of adolescence. One reason is because it is much easier for teens to converse freely with

their friends than with their parents. Despite the experience of their parents teenagers are

more likely to believe what their friends believe. Adolescents are more readily ask for and

accept advice from peers, who, in their opinion, are in the same position themselves

(Lingren 1).

Many factors in a persons family play a part in the individual seeking emotional

support from their peers. “Stress caused by work. marital dissatisfaction, divorce,

entering a step-family arrangement, lower family income all produce increased individual

and family stress” (Lingren 2). This produces a need for emotional support from someone

outside of the family. Friends talk to each other about various problems that they

encounter providing emotional support for each other. “They[adolescents] reduce time

spent on homework and withdraw from family interactions but they ‘protect’ time spent

with friends” (Lingren 2). This is evidence that adolescents value the time spent with

friends more than time spent with their parents.

Throughout adolescence a persons life is greatly influenced by the people that they

choose to be around. An adolescents identity is affected the most by their friends. As the

child becomes an adult he or she becomes more distant form their parents as they form an

identity of their own, shedding the one supplied by their parents.

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