Character Flaws


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Character Flaws

Macbeth, John Procter, Auther Dimmesdale, and Ethan Frome are all men with flaws. But, that is normal since everyone who is mortal or remotely so have at least one imperfection. Some are minor than others, but in the case of the characters listed above, their flaws proved to be fatal.

In Shakespeare s Macbeth, his tragic flaw is his ambition. Macbeth s ambitious nature causes the death of his soul and eventually his entire being. Due to the temptation of power, Macbeth crossed a sacred line by betraying his King, Duncan, who he assassinates. After that Macbeth changes, he didn t kill in self defense or for a greater good but for greed. In the duration, Macbeth has his best friend Banquo murdered along with Macduff s family. In the end, though it was too late, Macbeth realized the monster he became, and received his well deserved fate of death.

John Procter in Auther Miller s The Crucible, also met his death but not because of his imperfections. Rather it came as a blessing and a release from his tragic flaw, pride. Procter s pride proved to be his curse and as it is always said “Pride goes before a fall.”

In his Puritan community, John was an upstanding member with power, and his main concern was his position and the opinion society had of him. Unfortunately, Procter jeopardized his reputation by committing adultery. In the end, John admitted his sins, embraced death, and freed his soul from damnation.

In Nathaniel Hawthorne s bold novel The Scarlet Letter, Auther Dimmesdale is a young and upcoming minister. Auther has the highest rank in the puritan society, and ironically he is not only affected by his position but by the fear an the shame of his actions. Dimmsedale is the weakest character in the novel and he hides behind his hypocrisy and shame for most of the novel, until he admits his connection with Hester and pearl before he died.

Ethan Frome the out cast in this bunch, didn t actually die. Instead he is living whit what he has tried to do. Ethan s flaw was actually believing he could escape Starkfield. But, sadly he is crippled for life for his mistake, attempting to commit suicide with Mattie, his wife s cousin. Now Ethan is stuck with two miserable women for life.

As it is stated above, it is all right to have a flaw since everyone does just as long as it can be controlled. The character in this essay couldn t control their flaws and as a result it destroyed them.

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