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Analysis On Mabel Pervins

In D. H. Lawrence short story The Horse Dealer s Daughter, he depicts the conflicts of a young woman named Mabel Pervins after her father s death. Mabel who is describe to be a rather short, sullen looking young woman of twenty seven. (P.238) The story takes place when her three brothers are sitting around on the breakfast table discussing the outcome of their future after being left in debt by their father. Shortly after a family friend walks in to the house, Jack Fergusson, a local Doctor who came to see the family before they all parted and becomes aware that Mabel is given very little attention. This a story about Mabel who tries to drown herself in a pond but is safe by Jack Ferguson the only man who ever took notice of her existence.

In this story D. H. Lawrence depicts most of his characters to have animal characteristics and how one way or another are going to end up tamed. In the case of Joe Pervins, the oldest brother he is describe to be a man of thirty-three, broad and handsome in a hot, flushed way. His face was red, he twisted his black moustache over a thick finger, his eyes were shallow and restless. (P.238) But just like a horse He had a sensual way of uncovering his teeth when he laughed, and his bearing was stupid. (P.238) Although not exactly an animal he depicts the same qualities as a horse that would later be domesticated. Lawrence later in the story suggests this when he writes He would marry and go into harness. His life was over, he would be a subject animal now. (P.239) When describing Fred Henry the second brother Lawrence describes him as an animal which controls, not one which is controlled. He was a master of any horse, and he carried himself with a well-tempered air of mastery. (P.239) Suggesting that he also had the qualities of a domesticated animal. He also describes the third brother, Malcolm to have a jaunty museau. (P.240) Just like horse he had the facial hair that tells the reader he is also an animal like his other brothers. Her brothers on the other hand treat Mabel more like an animal they call her a bulldog (P.238) which directly puts her in a position similar to her siblings. The author foreshadows that Mabel will turn out to be like her brothers, a subject animal. (P.239) Now Jack Fergusson on the other hand is not given any of these animal descriptions, he is described to be a Doctor. Which suggest that he is well educated and rational. These descriptions of characters are given by the Lawrence to illustrate how each character will play a roll in the story. Mabel who is similar to an animal mindless and persistent (P.245) will find a person to domesticate her animal appeal. This is where the two characters find their destination in the story; Mabel and Ferguson although both coming from different directions, one is educated and rational the other is senseless and irrational, they are both destine to find each other. According to a critic She and Ferguson come to their union from opposite directions, Mabel from the animal pride of the Pervins, Fergusson from the logic-dominated repression of science and the conformity of his educated class. (Ahearn 1042) Although is not directly foretold by the author both of these characters are bound to be a part of each other s lives.

The story presented by D. H. Lawrence is of a young woman who tries to commit suicide by drowning her self and is rescued by a novel strong young Doctor. Although they never fully spoken to each other the young Doctor is in a mysterious way attracted to Mabel. However he is also scare of her steady, dangerous eyes, that always made him uncomfortable, unsettling his superficial ease. (P.243) The young is only but an insignificant man to Mabel at the beginning of the story. Still not having fully understood the attraction that exists between the two the Doctor feels compelled towards Mabel s feeling of destitute after losing everything. Mabel on the other hand just tries to deal with the pain but after losing nearly everything she begins to miss her Mother and desires to be closer to her. This is the moment she decides to go to the pond. After Mabel wonders in to the pond Doctor Ferguson notices her while still making his rounds in the Hospital. After watching her go under the water he rushes to her rescue. Even though is not easy for him to get her out of the water the young Doctor finally rescues her and takes her back to the house. While in the house he rids of all her wet clothes and covers her in a blanket. (P.249) After moments of unconsciousness she finds herself naked in the arms of Dr. Fergusson where now she felt almost safe. At which moment she turned to the Doctor and asked him if he lover her; You love me, she murmured, in strange transport, yearning and triumphant and confident. You love me. I know you love me, I know. (P.251) Some may say that this is a story about love a story of the triumph of love and of life. For there is no irony (and, it must be added, no more sentimentality than irony): when the doctor finally answers yes. (4: 203) In the end Mabel with her animal like qualities manages to persuade the doctor in to saying yes to her question. Revealing for a moment that Dr. Fergusson despite his rational and intellectual background was over powered by Mabel natural distinctions.

This is a story about Mabel The Horse Dealer s Daughter who is victim of her natural surroundings, which was left by her late father. Mabel who tries to commit suicide is safe by a young doctor who happens to be the only man who ever paid attention to her. The story of these two character is almost a love story which is revealed at the end when the doctor confesses to Mabel that he is indeed in love with her.

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