Changes In Life


Changes In Life Essay, Research Paper

Today we live in a society that is always changing. This is because of technology. New technology allows us to work faster and better than before. Unfortunately, people have not learned to live together in peace. If I ruled the world, I would try to bring all people together. I would bring them together with a united world government. One government which allowed nations to keep traditions, but united them by law and language.

The new government would make some changes. All people would have a 35 hour work week, 3 weeks paid vacation, etc. Another change would be in language. English, French, German, and Chinese would be the official languages studied in school. Schools would have eight hour days. Where students would learn math, reading, the national languages, biology, chemistry, and history of the world and their culture.

I want all people to work as together to make a better tomorrow. A one government system can help make the changes. We must never lose our culture and religion. People have to learn from the past, to have a future.

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