Chandler’ Head Under Cloud Essay, Research Paper

Even the cloud in Chandler’s life is little, like everything else he is associated with. A little cloud is sometimes nice to look at because of the contrast it shows against the blue sky, but it is not of much use, if you are looking for rain. A little cloud in the sky after many hot days teases the hopes but does not deliver what it promises. Is not capable of delivering. In the poetic world of Chandler, his poetic qualifications/capabilities are like the little cloud. It is great that he feels that he can write poetry, and thus distinguish himself from the rest of his world, but he cannot achieve much.

“Chandler floats on a little cloud, a temporary one, after his meeting with Gallaher, and he thinks he can also be a poet. This desire renewed in him after his meeting makes him react with disgust at his wife and child who he considers to be the obstacles to his creative impotency.” In this quote, word ?cloud? could be explained in different ways like: chandler is on a cloud of happiness at the thoughts he entertains because of his reuniting with gallaher and because of Gallaher’s own success. Another way of explaining is that the little cloud was a little black cloud always hanging over chandler’s head, keeping him from getting where he wanted to go, keeping him in Ireland, that cloudy, rainy, ‘dull’ little place. He is such a dull little man with little hands and even smaller courage, and I envisioned him before as a little frail squirmy guy who looks down on people he wishes to believe are below him. He dreams of magnificence he will never ever realize, because he lacks what it takes to be successful in any case… hence the little cloud is always over his head.

Chandler in this story as lacking faith in his own people, doubting their value, even devaluing them, although he is confused about this. It is as though there is a dialectic going on in this story between chandler intellect and his intuition, or his heart/memory and his brain/future hopes and ambitions. After listing to Gallaher?s wording, “I don’t fancy tying myself up to one woman…must get a bit stale I should think.” then, there is a break in the story. Chandler has here been at “the kings inn” where he *works*, then to Corless’s, a place where the aristocracy hangs out (not people like him)…then he goes home, so it is like returning to home, to Ireland from places until now that were associated with britishness (kings inn, corless). When Chandler goes home, he begins to think about his wife differently, suddenly she has boring eyes, and everything about her and even everything in the house that she purchased starts to look ugly and evil and his child becomes a screaming nuisance with whom he can’t deal which is keeping him “imprisoned forever, his arms trembling with anger” as he holds the child. Early in the story, as Chandler’ picks deftly thru the vermin-like life on the street, he thinks, “no memory of the past touched him, for his mind was full of a present joy.” Here, I think Joyce?s point is made clear. He sees people like Gallaher and the future Chandler as people who have forgotten the past (or don’t care or don’t understand) and who wish only to live in a ‘present state of joy’, a state of joy and wealth and comfort.

Well, it seems to me that although Chandler is disgusted by Gallaher, some other part of him still wishes to have what Gallaher has like aristocracy at places like bar. We see the effect of Ignatius and his sort on the impressionable mind of a guy like Chandler. Chandler has a hidden talent and he is shy to step up for himself. He doesn?t have confidence like Gallaher and there is difference we can see like one is on the top of the world and the other one is trapped in his own world, unable to reach his goals. Chandler wouldn?t brag to his wife about his dreams and what he could have been if he didn?t get married.

Chandler was honest and sincere in doubting – because who had ever heard of dead people waking up – and stood up to his convictions. He has ambitions, dreams, but lacks the ability to fulfill those dreams. It is the same really at the end too when he cannot manage the child and cannot explain to his wife what had happened. He has lots to say but isn?t able to express his feelings to other people which is his real weakness. By choosing the darkest and narrowest streets to walk alone wouldn?t anything good to him. He should realize that he has to inspire himself to step up in order to fulfill his dreams. I don’t like this character, though I like the characterization and the story lots.

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