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The mind, which has grasped a right theory of knowledge, and has experienced it, that mind is on the road to certainty–the only kind of certainty that is open to the consciousness soul because it has begun to cross the threshold between the objective and sujbective worlds.

Our perceptions and memory are only reliable to the point of how we judge. We see from our own perception and memory. What the mind perceives is realty. Your life can be greatly affected by the way you think. One thing about perception it doesn’t have to be off by much to give you a false picture. We may be looking at the picture through cockeyed glasses. It is very difficult to get an accurate rendering of the true story.

We justify and defend our perceptions and memories. We permit our self to judge by what is certain in our perceptions and memories. My experience has been we can see the glass half empy or half full. I chose to see the glass half full.

Certainty, is an established fact? To be certain is having no doubt and being positive. One thing we can be truly certain about is one day we will leave this life and earth as we know it today and that is certain.

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