Cats In The Cradle


Cats In The Cradle – Appreciation Essay, Research Paper

This poem (song), “Cats in the Cradle” is written by Harry and Sandy Chapin. The poem teaches you that you have to pay attention to your kids and not as much to your work. This poem is about a dad who pays more attention to his work than to his son.

The dad is concerned that his son will turn out like him and not pay attention to him or his children. This poem is lyrical and also narrative because it tells a story. An example of alliteration is “Little Boy Blue”. There aren?t any sound devices used in this poem that I could find.

This poem makes me feel kind of sad because now the son doesn?t pay attention to his dad and his job is more important than his family. The poem was pretty good because it told a story about what can happen if you take your job too seriously. I don?t think I would change anything in the poem because it all goes together really good and I don?t think It would work out very good if I changed anything in it. This poem is kind of interesting because you wonder what is going to happen to the son.

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