Cats And Dogs


Cats And Dogs Essay, Research Paper

Dogs and Cats

When you compare cats and dogs their differences definitely out number their similarities. Dogs and cats are two of the most popular pets in the world but they are very different animals. Obviously, dogs and cats are two different types of species, but their differences stretch far beyond this simple fact.

Dogs and cats differ a lot in the way that they behave. One example is the sounds they make. Dogs growl and bark while cats purr and meow. Dogs are usually more needy animals than cats. By this, I mean dogs usually need a lot of attention. Cats are loners and do not need a lot of attention. Another difference is how they show their social status or rank. Dogs use their tail to show their social status. When two dogs meet the one who is holding his tail up is in the higher social class. When cats hold their tails up this just means they are happy. They do not have social status. Dogs also respond better to verbal commands. You can call your dog by name and it will usually come to you, unlike a cat. Dogs can also be trained to do tricks on verbal command. Some of the most popular dog tricks are roll over, fetch, shake hands, lay down and, of course, play dead. It is not very likely that you will see a cat playing dead on command. Cats can be trained with little or no effort to use the litter box. On the other hand, to housebreak a dog is a very difficult task.

These two loveable animals also have many physical differences. Cats are usually smaller than most dogs. Another physical difference is the tongue. A cat?s tongue has little barbs, or hooks, that they use to clean themselves with or to get every piece of meat off a bone. Dogs use their tongues to sweat. This is why you always see dogs with their tongues hanging out on a hot summer day.Dogs and cats do have many differences, but so does everyone!

This will not make either of the two any less popular. Maybe what we have to decide is whether we want a cat that uses the litter box with minimal training or a dog that plays dead on command.

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