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A Castle is a large building fortified with thick walls. Castles were the strongholds of noblemen during the period of the Middle Age. It just wasn?t just a home but was a fortress. The purpose of the castle was for a home for the lord and a place of protection in case of an attack. There were a variety of castles built but the most common place for a castle was in Europe. There are still castles standing today. Castles were very expensive to build they had to make sure it was the accommodations for living and for warfare. There are rooms the Lord and his family lived in known as the grand style. He had peasant that lived there also, know as serfs work for him in exchange for a home knights lived here, and kitchen workers,

The castle I have built there is three levels. On the basement level in the right corner is the two storage rooms I made two of them because they have to store food blankets, and health supplies. Then I put the armory. Then down the hall a ways I put the guardroom so it was close to the armory in case there was a quite need of a weapon. In the middle of the armory and the guardroom is a torture chamber I put it here because the courts didn?t believe in confessions and if the prisoner admitted to the crime it would be under a type of torture. Then I built a set of stairs to get to the first floor in between the guardroom and the prison. On the left side of the stairs is the prison this was put here so it would treat them like a very low class of people, they must of did a bad deed so that was where they were put. That is how I designed the basement. The first floor is designed with all of the peasants? rooms and the knights. There is a school also on this floor because I think it is important for children to get as much education as possible. On this floor there will be one of the kitchens the kitchen were very large in size there were many jobs assigned to people such as the Pantler who was in charge of the kitchens provisions and, for another example there was the Bottler who dispensed the wine.

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