Carver’s Changing Protagonist Essay, Research Paper

Carver?s Changing Protagonist Mar. 5, 2000

Carver?s baker undergoes a dynamic change in his life from an indifference to others to a fellowship with others.

The baker is indifferent to other people…. Ann wanted some type of connection with him but, his indifference would not allow it.

The baker?s indifference leads to character flaws harming Ann and Howard as well as himself…. Ultimately, both parties have been hurt by the baker?s indifference.

The harm done causes the baker deep remorse bringing about reconciliation and fellowship…. The baker?s outlook on life has changed.

The baker?s life has undergone great change. At first, he is indifferent to Ann and others. This indifference leads to character flaws demonstrated by his strange phone calls. Ultimately, these actions hurt Ann, Howard and the baker. Informed by Ann of Scotty?s death, the baker is remorseful for the harm he has done. He told them about the pain of living alone and never having children. He gave the couple a feeling that they were not alone in their pain. They forgave him for his actions by breaking bread, forming a sense of communion and fellowship. The baker had changed from a uncaring, indifferent man, to a man with a deep sense of fellowship with Ann and Howard. His new outlook on life is one we could all learn from. One hopes one doesn?t have to go batty to accomplish it!

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