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Individualism is greatly appreciated because it integrates the social status among the rich and the poor in equality. Throughout Carnegie’s essay of wealth, he’s mostly concerned about those who choose to deprive society of wealth by saving their riches. In order to prevent such greedy wealth, thus Carnegie writes of ideas that may help the public society through those who save till their death.

One may support Carnegie’s idea only if their thought was biased to the distribution of wealth in society. Since there are two sides of the coin, you can’t ultimately assume that one who saves is selfish.

If I was a successful parent who knew that her kids will always stay vulnerable for the independent, my success in wealth would definitely be saved for my children’s future. In such a case, it would then be unfair to tax my children’s inheritance because I did not save for the public but for the children I left behind. Of course, this act does not ask for gratitude and may even be depreciated by my kids, however, part of being a mother only looks for the well-being of her family.

In essence, the wealth I would be saving till death does not make a selfish individual. Instead it would not only serve the benefit to my children, but as well to the society in which they may dwell.

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