Can Mere Words Hurt


Can Mere Words Hurt? Essay, Research Paper

Are Words Weapons?

I believe that words can indeed murder the human heart. All too often I see someone put another kid down because of something he did wrong. It can be as little as tripping on the stairs and someone yelling “You clux. Man are you dumb.” This can be considered a joke most of the time. But what if this person hears it all the time. Most of the time, the insulted doesn’t say that he or she was just messing around with them. Sooner or later this victom will start believing in what everyone says. However this same situation can have more positive effects. The only problem is that the person needs to be open minded and have more self confidence. The person that tripped on the stairs could take the insult as a mental reminder; one could use it to improve one’s flaws. Next time he goes up the stairs, he’ll think about what he is doing and not trip. This person has just bettered himself. The next kind of incident cannot be in any way considered helpful. This is the kind of incident where the person receiving the insults can’t so anything to better him or herself. I am talking about obesity, “mental slowness”, or a born clux. These can really damage the human heart. There really is no reason to make fun of these kinds of people; at least I don’t. I only make fun of someone I know who can take it and who can do it right but didn’t do it the this time.

I believe, rubbing in the problem more, doesn’t help one bit. People who can’t help need the most support than anyone else. Messing around can only do damage, maybe even severe damage.

One thing I cannot stand is rumors. They are ruthless. They don’t care who hears it. They don’t care what happens to the person that is being talked about. It’s a disease that gets everyone but only hurts one or a small group of people. Most of the time the rumor isn’t even remotely close to true. All it takes is one person. Usually it’s a person who for reason or another really doesn’t like someone or something they did or said. They start a vicous “story” that they made up at the top of their head; and the cycle begins. This is a extremely stupid way of solving a problem. That is really what we as society goals should be doing, solving problems. It really doesn’t make sense; rumors are started because some one feels bad or wronged. Fixing the problem seems like the most logical thing to do. Too bad humans don’t think like that. The world would be a better place. Rumors will not and cannot do any good any where or any time. The only thing one can do if a rumor comes their way is not too spread it. If a rumor happens to them, then just pick up the pieces and move on. Look for support in family and friends. Rumors have no place in a perfect world. That’s what the people of the world should be working towards, a perfect world.

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