Buying A New Car


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Buying a New Car

One afternoon on a cold December day, I was driving out to work and started to notice steam rising from the hood. I pulled into a small parking lot to see what was wrong. I popped the hood and then proceeded to loosen the radiator cap a little bit to relieve some of the pressure. The cap apparently wasn t on tight in the first place, so when I went to loosen it, it just shot right off. The antifreeze was all over the hood, the side of the car, my shirt and in my face.

- Yuck! This I got it in my mouth! I can t see! Yuck!

After the antifreeze was cleared from my eyes, I dove home to call in and say that I would be late. With a shower and a change of clothes I went to work. After punching out I headed to a mechanic.

- The car was over heating and when I went to loosen the cap it popped.

- Okay, I ll run a test on it as soon as it cools down a little.

A few minutes later.

- Well, the fluid in this little tester should be green, but it s yellow. That means that gas has gotten into the antifreeze. I ll keep it over night and call you about it tomorrow

I then got a ride home form a friend. The next day Brett called back and gave me the results.

- Well, I hate tot tell you this but the head is blown. It ll cost somewhere around $700 to replace the head.

- Forget it, the car s not worth it, I ll just get a new car.

Again, my fiend helped me out. He was nice enough to be my chauffeur for the day. After work he dove me out to look at cars. I went out to David A. Deeb s Auto and Truck Sales. He has a nice selection of cars that I could choose from.

- Hello, what can I help you with today?

- I was looking to buy a new car. My last car died on me.

- Well what kind of car are you looking for?

- I m looking for a foreign car with manual transmission. I don t want another Chrysler product, my last car didn t have any power, and they just have too many faults to them.

- I have a few foreign cars left. I have a Civic, a Trecel, and this Golf. Would you like to take a look at them?

- I like that Golf. Can I take it for a ride?

- Sure.

I got in the car, stepped on the clutch and turned the key. It had a nice sound to it and it looked very nice inside. As I backed the car out of the spot I noticed that there wasn t any power steering. I finally got it out and left the lot heading north, turned around at a store and then headed south. When I turned around at a small motel I found out just how mush power it really had. I left the motel and shifted from first to second, to third, to fourth and into fifth in half the time it took in my old car. I loved it, I went back to the lot and told David:

- I love this little car. It has a lot of pick up and look so nice. I ll have to get used to not having power steering and having reverse over by first gear instead of fifth.

- Good. I m glad you like it, it s one the best cars on the lot.

- So, how much are you asking for it?

- How about $1,500?

- That sounds pretty good, it does have a little bit of rust. I ll give you $1,300 for it.

- Well, it is a little lower than I really wanted, but it s a good deal.

- Okay, I ll have to get the money. I ll be back in a little bit with the money.

I went to the bank and got the $1,300 and then went back to David s to get my new car.

- Here s your money, thanks for the car, I think I ve found the best car I ve had. I m definitely not going to domestic cars.

- Thank you and come back if need anything.

On the way home I tested it more than before I bought it. I tested the brakes, and swerved back and forth a little to see how it handles. The control was great and every thing else was great. It could handle corners like a dream. All my friends complimented my new car. My chauffeur wished it was his car because he hated his weak little Pontiac. Now that I have such a nice car I try to wash it every week. Foreign cars are the best cars that I have ever driven.


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