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Our founding fathers created this great nation with the intent of having a free country where people could do as they please within the laws that had been set up. The same basis may apply today but the rules have changed. With increasing crime our country had to set up laws to regulate how citizens can go about buying, selling, and carrying guns. Making laws as simple as the Brady Bill can save many lives and shouldn’t be an inconvenience to gun enthusiasts.The Brady Bill makes the purchaser of a gun wait before recieving the weapon.This time period gives people a chance to cool off if they are buying the gun to do something irrational. In the past few years our crime rate has began to come down a little with addition of gun laws that keep criminals from purchasing guns and set up stiffer penalties for people convicted of crimes with guns, especially violent crimes. I think that anyone interested in guns or how gun control would affect them should read my paper to understand why our government sets up laws to protect it’s people from our worst enemy, ourselves.



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