Brutal Attack Leaves Teens Frightened


Brutal Attack Leaves Teens Frightened Essay, Research Paper

Brutal Attack Leaves Teens Frightened

Two Toronto teens were rushed to hospital after being attacked and severely

beaten on Younge Street last night.

Shortly after 6 p.m. yesterday, Julia Miller and school friend, Janice McGowan,

both 19, were walking home from the Famous Players cinema when three male strangers

attacked from behind. The girls were dragged into the dim passage between Magic Mart

and Bea?s Bridal Shop, just off the corner of Younge Street and Kepner Street West, and

viscously assaulted. The assailants, who must remain nameless under the Young

Offenders Act, were surprised by a passing undercover police officer. One of the attackers

was arrested by the officer, while the other fled the scene. Miller and McGowan were

taken to St. Michael?s General Hospital with serious rib-cage bruisings and several deep

cuts on their arms. Their conditions are listed as stable.

?With one arrested,? Buchanan explained to reporter, ?Our task of capturing the

other two criminals involved in this scenario shouldn?t be difficult.? A witness to the

crime was Mr. Andre Ogrefrugen,68, who resides across the street in the Younge Street

Apartment Complex. Ogrefrugen observed the two girls being hauled into the alleyway.

?By the time I made it down here to help, the officer already had things under control. It

was a horrible thing to witness.?

all names are made up*

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