Brother In The Land


Brother In The Land – Morbidity Essay, Research Paper

I think that the reason why Robert Swindelles in his novel “Brother In The Land” had an too great interest in morbidity, maybe an TOO great interest in it, was because of the background of nuclear weapons and how they have increased in damage and size.

The thing which could motivate him was the background and this probably disturbs him, or that death and carnage was in the news a lot growing year by year. One other motivation point could have been the Cold War reinforced his decisions to write this book..

He had an interest in death and carnage to show the monstrosity caused by one single nuclear bomb in one small place- and the struggle, pain and hurt to survive and maybe for us not to take our security for granted and to think how lucky we are.

He wrote this book for humans of all ages but mainly for children- so it would give them a realistic vision of a post-nuclear war, he made the story attract them in a number of ways so they could read but find it interesting and fun but learn in the process. For example he made it action packed and life like and very descriptive so children could picture themselves in one of the characters shoes ( that?s if they hadn’t gone up in flames and turned to ash! And if they have some) He also kept to children’s interests by having no school, limited amount of adults, necessities of life and luxuries once in a while, little rules to keep to so you could do what you wanted to do.

He wrote the book instead of a massive Encyclopaedia with massive writing and little pictures- once again to draw people in and to understand what its like, to make you think?…this could be happening to me- pushing people away with a thought in their mind “I don?t want this to happen to me” making them think twice before making the same mistake as his generation did.

Another reason why he coated this unsettling story in morbidity could be because depressed with the world stature at that present time and what awful things were happening around him as he wrote??.. But this book made him feel worse as he says in the afterword:

“My mood altered between vague gloom to black depression”

He also wrote this novel in hope, in hope that our generation will prove wiser and more responsible than his AND make sure bombs won’t, hopefully EVER AGAIN.

He wants a tolerate safe world forgetting the catastrophic past and turning over a new leaf and starting all over again.

Although I have discussed this I think the reason why he wrote it was because he wanted hope, hope that this would never happen again and that there would be world peace. He wanted people to worry and be scared of each other because one minute it could happen to you, so people from all over the world could share the same thoughts and reactions and link hands and be reunited as one.

He wanted children’s responses to be positive like “this must never happen” and “what can I do to see that this never happens?” these actions prove that this story was an success creating a brighter look for the future

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