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‘Night’ (by Anne Bronte)

The Bronte sisters had a very agonizing life, which is beautifully portrayed

through their poetry. One of the main reasons why their poetry is so effective is because

they were genuinely heartfelt when they were written. The Brontes had a wonderful gift

of turning their most indescribable emotions into magnificent poetry.

Anne was one of the younger of the sisters who struggled through losing her older

brother and sisters beginning from when she was a very young girl. The Bronte children

did not have any friends to socialize with, they only had each other. Therefore, I am sure

that each time one of them died, it haunted and pained the surviving siblings beyond


One of Anne’s poems, ‘Night’ describes how she looks forward to the night,

because at this time her pain is lessened. When all is quiet, your mind tends to drift off

and dream about your deepest yearnings and seeks to soothe your deepest woes. In Anne’s

case her deepest woe was losing her beloved siblings. At night, or in her dreams, she

hears a voice “that death ha[d] silenced long ago” (Barker 94). This voice (which I

assume is of one of her sister’s) takes away the pain of loss for a moment and gives her

joy because it is comforting to feel their presence beside her. She is conscious of the fact

that the only time that she can experience this is while she is asleep. For this reason it is a

consolation to her that when the night falls, it means that the “darling of [her] heart [will

be returned] to [her]” (Barker 94)…even if it is just for a moment.

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