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Broadcasting has been around since the beginning of the century. Many people help influence the development of radio. By far the person who has the biggest influence on radio in the last fifteen years is Howard Stern. Stern went to Boston collage. From there he was on a Connecticut radio station. His influence started in Washington D.C.. For example, he would ask crazy question like are you gay, or talk about sexual experiences. He continued these funny sexual question and jokes on the air. Finally stern got his big break. He got an offer to work for WNBC in New York. Once stern was in New York everyone in the country got to know him. In fact the people who hated Howard Stern listen to him more, because they wanted to see what he would say next. By 1989 stern had blew up. Stern started his own style on the radio. For the first time ever the technique of talking to your newsperson came in to effect. Now just about every radio DJ does this. In1993 Howard Stern proclaimed himself as the king of all media. In 1997 Howard Stern made and stared in his first movie an autobiography called ?Private Parts?. As always for stern it was a success. Two of the biggest movie critics Sikel and Ebert gave the movie ?Two thumb up?. Now Howard has his own radio show. It plays on 92.3 FM; Monday threw Friday, six to ten in the morning. He also has two TV shows. One on the E! Entertainment channel at 11:00 PM and 2:00 AM. The other is on CBS on Saturday nights at 12:00.

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