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There were three different types of English colonies bosed on who owned the colony came fom the king through a charter. All charters have certain requirements. Taxes must be collected, and the laws of a colony may not contradict those of individual. Maryland was an ecample of a proprietary colony. corporate colonies were wned by a group of investors and run through a coprpration. Virginia and massachussetts both were owned by a King. All of the colonies began as either proprietary or corporate, but gradually most became royal colonies.

British colonization saw several periods chronologically. the settlement at Roanoke, the first attempt at a permanent settlement, was an expression of an expansionist trend. The early settlers immigrated for thre main reasons, God, Gold and Glory. At the end of the 16th century, England was suffering from too much population. the majority of people were poor and colonization was a way to relieve the stress of poverty on the nation. the early colonies were often an expression of England trying to prosper.

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