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Breathing Rate Experiement Essay, Research Paper

??????????? The people

doing the breathing rate experiments are doing the experiment to see how fit

each person is. They do this by timing how long it takes for their breathing

rate to get back to their normal rate (the rate it was at before they started

to do the exercise). The method they stated they would use is extremely vague

and is not very concise. The experiment was to find the ?effect?. The

experiment could have been improved if they had a specific effect that they

were going to measure. An example of this would be to find out if boys were

better than girls at jogging for 5 minutes. ??????????? There are

also many things that are not fair about the test. Firstly, there is one male

and two females. This means that if they were testing to see whether or not

boys were fitter than girls they could get biased results. This would result

because the two females they chose could be extremely fit and the male could be

extremely unfit. To overcome this problem I would use an equal amount of males

and females (5 males and 5 females). I would also make sure that each of the

people being tested would have a uniform lifestyle. Although I could never be

completely sure if they had the exact same lifestyle I would try to find the

closest match. They also do not state which form of exercise they are doing and

this means that one person could have been running at 5 miles per hour whilst

another could have been cycling at 2 miles per hour. This meant that their

method was not very suitable at all. I would change this by making them do a

uniform exercise like jogging at 5mph. Other factors which made their method

unsuitable were the way in which they measured the results. It looks as if they

have asked each person to measure their own amount of breaths they have taken. I

have come to this conclusion because Johns result seems to be anomalous. This was

probably because he had measured his own result and had probably measured his

exhaling separately from his inhaling. This would cause his results to double.

A way to overcome this problem would be to use a heart rate monitor and a

breath meter (respirator). This would guarantee that the results were accurate.

I would also take an average by repeating the test at least 4 times. This would

help me because one result may come out with odd results and this would be a

way of making that result less affective. It would also ensure they were much

more accurate. ??????????? To extend

the investigation I could do another experiment using people with worse

lifestyles. I could then compare these results with the ones I had obtained in

the previous test to see how peoples lifestyles affects their breathing rate. I

could also use more people as the more results I obtain the more accurate the

results will be.???????????

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