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SUMMARY::: We start with Bernard, who was created in the Bokanovsky Process, but was unusually smart. Smart in the way that he had his own, natural way of thinking, unlike all other humans in the Brave New World. Bernard was indeed intelligent, but because of an error during one of the processes of creation, he grew small and weak. That s why he s an outcast and is usually left alone because he is the only one that thinks in the ordinary A.D 1990s way. Because he has his own vision of life, he will be sent to Iceland to be conditioned so that he is altered and will eventually become normal and think like the other humans of the brave new world. Before he is sent to Iceland, he meets Lenina, a girl which is obviously normal, but unlike him.

Bernard and Lenina went out one day, and he took her to a Savage Reservation. Bernard had been in the D.H.C s office for permission to go to the Savage Reservation. The D.H.C. tells him starts to daydream and tells Bernard a story on when he went to the Reservation and was with a colleague, Linda, and how during their visit she gets lost. They eventually arrive at the Reservation and there, they meet John and his mom. As John s mother begins to talk to them, Bernard realizes that Linda, John s mom, was the same Linda the D.H.C. had been talking about before and John is the D.H.C s child. Eventually, Bernard and Lenina go back to London, and with them they take Linda and John from the savage reservation to study them. Once they re back, Linda overdoses on Soma so she goes into a coma. John is scared in the Brave New World , because it is full of such oppression. It was totally different from the Reservation, and he was yearning for his old home and life.

Lenina becomes infatuated by John, so she wants to make love to him, which in the brave new world is completely normal. Since Lenina is so open, John didn t like it because he wasn t used to it, he gets angry. She acts this way because of the soma, so John swears he ll never take it. John talks a lot to Helmholtz, so Bernard becomes jealous. They all come to the conclusion that that they are completely different from each other. At the bedside of Linda, John throws the soma out of the window because he was so angry at what had happened to his mom. Then Bernard and Helmholtz arrive, Helmholtz helps John get rid of the soma, so Bernard calls a guard. The three of them are taken to see Mustapha Mond, which is one of the most wise men around. He tells them they can t stay because they are different from everyone who was created and conditioned correctly. Their minds work, as they themselves want it too, not as if they were programmed like all of the others. Eventually, the two men they move to an island (John & Bernard). John starts to live in an abandoned lighthouse, people come and look at them as if they were freaks, and well in fact they are. They make John take soma, and when he wakes, he finds out what he had did and hung himself.

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