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For centuries, women have been fighting to achieve the same position in society as men. The women s role at home has changed; now the female is no longer just a housewife. Instead, women are professionals who spend most of the day at work. These days, each family member, including teenagers, has to contribute to the housework by taking care of his/her own bathroom and bedroom. For this kind of activity, male teenager personalities have developed a peculiar variety of decoration for their bedrooms. The three categories of bedrooms rage from the nastiest and most disorganized to the cleanest and tidy bedrooms. These bedrooms can be categorized as the Joe-dirt, the camouflaged and, the white glove type of bedroom.

One of the most popular kinds of bedrooms, especially hated by every mother is the Joe-dirt type of room. This category of room is the nastiest and most disorganized rooms know to mothers. This type of decoration belongs to those teenagers who are always bringing home bad grades from school and sometimes wearing weird clothes. The owner of this kind of bedroom stays out all hours of the night, regardless if there is school or work the next morning. They obviously have a, who gives a crap personality, which reflects on them from the way they keep their bedrooms decorated.

The atmosphere of this kind of bedroom is quite heavy, even for a bodybuilder. Generally, the lack of light makes everyone feel like they re in a horror movie, increasing their fear with those large-sized rock posters commonly representing a demonic figure. The bed is always undone, and there are boots and holey pants covering the floor, creating kind of a jeans carpet. Another important tip to recognize in this bedroom category is through the smell that comes from the shoes and sometimes from the two week-old hamburgers left under the bed by those boys after watching TV. The fact that the windows are permanently closed make the oxygen process impossible, and it also allows the visitor to enjoy the pleasant odor coming from the sheets that have not been washed in two months. Some of these bedrooms are equipped with aesthetic bathrooms. Those who love art may enjoy the black and white contrast in the bathtub surface along with the delightful odor that never goes away.

Another type of boy s bedroom is related to those boys who have some sort of veteran spirit and military personality, the camouflaged bedroom. The owners of this type of bedroom are usually lazy teenagers, who just can t seem to locate energy to fully clean their rooms. They rather be staring at the tube or playing those expense video game apparatuses, which gives them an imaginary feeling that their inside the game. These teenage boys tend to roam the malls and streets looking for useless things such as, fake vomit molds or road kill to halt the boredom of their simple teenage life. In some cases these useless things acquired, some how end up in their rooms as decorations.

These boys tend to camouflage everything. Apparently the bedroom seems clean

and organized but do not look under the bed, neither open the drawers or closets because a big disaster can be found. Usually the owners of camouflaged bedrooms will never be able to find a specific item they need. For instance one shoe may be found in the desk drawer, while the other one is hiding in the closet within the stacked up dirty clothes. To the naked eye, the carpet looks clean; however, the furniture is not to be moved. Otherwise, the stains of the carpet will lose its camouflage. Generally, the bed looks like it is well made. This technique consists of covering the sheets, blankets and pillows with a comforter with the purpose of hiding uneven blankets and bad sheet coverage.

The last category of boy s bedroom is the white glove dormitory. Usually

this kind of bedroom belongs to good students and well-behaved boys. The owners of this type of room can be found in the library reading quantum physics textbooks on the weekend for their own personal knowledge. If they are not found at the library check the local gymnasium where they might be practicing their backhand spike for the school championship badminton game on Monday. These boys definitely take pride in everything they achieve. The pride ranges from schoolwork to how they decorate their bedrooms.

The white-glove category bedroom is a prim example of an inspection ready

room. If a white glove was to be passed along all the surfaces of the furniture, the glove will not change in color. Among the items that can be found in these bedrooms, one finds a neatly organized bookshelf including encyclopedias, science books, magazines, and books for pleasure. A desk is the primary object of the room, and most of the time it has a computer on it with several diskette boxes perfectly aligned. Other typical items that can be seen in the neat and clean bedroom are either sports or scholastic trophies, usually located in a visible area of the room. The atmosphere in this category is clear and clean, and the light comes through the windows that are frequently open. Generally, the walls are white, and diplomas and paintings are always framed and aligned. In this type of bedroom, everything has a specific storage place and is grouped by category. For instance, all pens and pencils are contained in the same desk drawer. The compact discs and music tapes have their own place on a shelf or drawer. The clothing is also stored according to the type of clothes. Shirts are separated from t-shirts, slack from jeans, and the underwear is stored in drawers. In general, everything is clean, in place, and organized.

Each category of boy s bedroom has its own peculiar characteristics. The

characteristics are, the messy for careless boys, the camouflaged for military personalities, and the strait-edge for the organized boys. The different types and their decoration reflect the personality of the owners, and any home may have a combination of these three categories. Sometimes a metamorphosis occurs in any given bedroom as the owner graduates. The room certainly changes when the boy gets married.

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