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Boris Pasternak was born in 1890 in Russia. He would alwayes stand up for what he believed in. Boris was a wise man that did not stand up for the issues the communists pushed on him during his day. This made him a target of the Russian government. The government was arresting people like him quite often but still he did not bend to write their propaganda. Boris sayed you should listen to your emotions to guide you rather than what someone else sayed. Besides writing, he was also a translater. Pasternak made a living for years by translating goathe, Shakespeare, and the Soviet Georgian poets into russian. After 1956 pasternak wrote “Docter Zhivago”. The book was secretly taken to the western world. This once little known book about a “Man and a mistress who together try to insolate their private lives from the chaos and violence of the Russian Revolution of 1917 and the civil war that followed”. In 1956 Boris Pasternak was awarded the noble prize for this book. This made the Communist government Russia hate him even more. It was a slap in the face to them. Boris was treated as a traiter by the government until he died on 1960. During his life Pasternake did not accomplish much in helping his people but he did what he could by writing their prospective for the world to see.

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