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Book Report On Ss “In Another Country” Essay, Research Paper

In this paper the author will discuss with the reader the short story “In Another Country.” You the reader should pay close attention to the main theme of the story that will be discussed at length. At the end of this paper the reader will know a small amount about “In Another Country” and should understand the lost generation theme.

“In Another Country” is a short story that starts out with the narrator walking towards a hospital as he has done for many months. He discusses with the reader the paths he can take and ways he can go. When he makes it to the hospital he talks about the machines that the war “heroes” are using to bring them back to par. The character the narrator communicates with the most is the general who has a small hand. The general is strapped in a machine that bounces his fingers up and down. He has no faith in these machines what so ever.

The next thing the narrator does is he goes out with the other soldiers that have been hurt in war. During this period in the short story the narrator describes all of the soldiers’ wounds and how and what they got metals for. At least one of these soldiers is upset with the narrator because he got his metal just because he was an “American fighting in Europe. On the narrators way home with these men he is “booed” by bystanders in a caf who are mainly of European descent.

Later in the story there is a conflict between the general and the narrator and this is how the story ends by the general “blowing up” on the narrator and then later forgiving him. The last thing that you see at the end of the story is when the narrator notes before and after pictures of injured limbs and wonders where they came from since they were the first to use these machines.

Hemingway is one of the foremost authors between the two world wars. He depicts the life of two types of people. On type consisted of men and women deprived, by WWI, of faith and moral values. The other types were persons of simple character and primitive emotions such as a bullfighter. In this way he wrote of their futile battles. The lost generation theme fits in her in this way.

The author has shown the reader the story “In Another Country” and has shown you in a way what the lost generation theme. The lost generation theme is greatly shown in this short story. The author hopes that you get a feel for how bad it was during the time of the war and how the lost generation theme fits in during this time.

Tim Taylor

September 29, 1996

College Composition

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