Body Piercing And How Society Judges Us


Body Piercing And How Society Judges Us Essay, Research Paper

Body piecing is a topic that is world wide and is in our every day lives. The

following series of paragraphs will explain how people with piercings are looked

at by society today. Some wonder why people even get piercings. Most of

society doesn t really know the background of piercing s. Today s society can be very cruel and judgmental to new and different things and I will give you my

insight on piercings.

People get piercing for several different reasons. They might not always be the right reason but they still get them. People get body piercing due to peer pressure. Other people get piercing to fit into a certain group that they want to be included into. Some teenagers get piercing to be rebellious against their parents. Others get it done because they see a piercing as something beautiful and want to add that beauty to their own body. Some people even get it done simply for sexual stimulation of that particular body part that is pierced. The main age group that seems to get piercing is 17-25 even though there are some grandmas out there getting all pierced up.

In today s society people judge people by their piercings. Society is and has been stuck on visual judgment. All different types of people get piercing just society makes the choice to judge people like that. Even though most people think the same way society does doesn t mean that society is always right. We all think like society sometime in our life even if it isn t right to do so. I know I have caught myself making some comment about someone and not even knowing the person. In many different countries piercing is a way to show leadership in tribes. Even though body piercing have been going on for hundreds of years many people today think that its just some new trend that all the drug addicts are doing. Which is not true. I mean look at me do I look like I would have a nipple ring. The history of body piercing goes back quite a ways. It goes all the way back to the Roman and Victorian time when body piecing was not uncommon at all. Many of the Romans got piecing only to show strength and manhood. With the Victorian women and men the had piercing done for sexually pleasure and to show of sexuality to others. Even today their are tribes in central Africa that use body piecing as part of a religious ritual. So no matter if people think that all this body piecing going on in the United States is something new they are completely wrong.

Society s opinion can be very cruel and harsh. We all say that I don t care what anyone thinks and deep inside it really does matter. I think society has put us some sort of bug in our head that tells us what is acceptable and what is not. Yet if you are able to be an individual then you should not be judged merly on looks and body decoration. Body piercing can be a very beautiful thing in my eyes. As I said I have my nipple pierced and I got it just because I liked how it looked. I have had many negative remarks along with many good ones also. So I believe that society might be changing slightly and being able to accept people for who they are. Society has change a lot since my parents were teens. In their society could you imagine how a guy would of being treated in the 50 s if he had his ears pierced and look at today we don t even think twice if we see a guy with his ears pierced. My main point is we really shouldn t worry about other people and just focus on what we want. So go be yourself and don t let anyone hold you back.

All though people don t see piercing as a very big topic a lot of individuals do. As I explained in the past paragraphs society does have a large opinion on people with piercing. People who get piercing may not do it for the right reasons but it is inevitable they will get them and the age group will continue to grow that is getting them. And no matter the history there will always be a society that thinks that it is just a fad but is not. Piercing is a true fashion that has been happening for hundreds of years and will continue to happen.

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